Campus engagement

Unite your campus with enriching campus engagement solutions

Go beyond textbook digital signage solutions with a portfolio of customizable, flexible visual communications options to help students, faculty, and visitors stay informed, navigate campus, and celebrate their school’s story.

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Student Engagement

Visual Communication that Makes the Grade
Publicize events, communicate policies, and highlight achievements around campus via screens, kiosks, video walls, and mobile – interconnected and distributed campus-wide by 22Miles’s intuitive central interface.

Student Safety

Omni-Channel Reach for Crucial Communications
An informed campus is a safe campus. 22Miles’s signage and mobile app solutions offer real-time notifications with both manual control and integrations with leading emergency alert software, including RAVE, Everbridge, Alertus, and more

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Donor Walls

Meaningful Thanks to Institution Supporters
Recognize contributor impact with dynamic, visually stunning digital displays. Create large scale multi-screen layouts of any size and configuration; instantly update with new donors and messages; and build in interactivity features for maximum donor engagement.

Campus Wayfinding

Meet Your Virtual Tour Guide
Guide students, faculty, alumni, and visitors with dynamic 3D wayfinding, with options for accessible and dynamic routing. Users can carry the experience from sign to mobile with a simple QR code scan – choose between browser-based or native app experiences with advanced features like AR, “blue dot” directions, and location-based information pop-ups.

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Space Utilization

Free Spaces for Busy Schedules
Simplify and automate space reservation. Students and faculty can access available spaces and reservations via kiosks, room signage, or mobile while administrators monitor space usage, occupancy, and sanitation needs.

Faculty Engagement

Inform and Unite Your Campus Workforce
Promote seamless operations with omnichannel communications. Rich content APIs with enterprise and emergency management systems make it easy to update everyone in real-time. Send critical employee communications via screens, kiosks, video walls, and mobile – distributed by building or campus-wide using 22Miles’ intuitive central interface. Guide faculty and staff via a customized app with staff-only routing, real-time employee calendar integration, and filtered content.

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Case Studies

A single solution with massive digital impact

Oral Roberts University

Interactive wayfinding provides navigation and connectivity for Oral Roberts University

Davidson-Davie Community College Digital Signage

Davidson-Davie Community College

Creating interactive campus experiences for students and visitors at Davidson-Davie Community College

Ivy Prep TempDefend

Ivy Preparatory Academy

Using thermal scanning technology for health safety during the Coronavirus pandemic

“We wanted the screens to be functional and visually appealing. We set the first screen displayed to include advertisements, events, and a news ticker, and because they are touch screens, once a user touches a screen, it opens up the wayfinding. Updating content is simple; I can usually show someone how to use the system within 5-10 minutes.”


Jared B. — Davidson-Davie Community College

“I think it is extremely helpful and beneficial to have the TempDefend system where there is a touchless temperature scan where in real-time these temperatures are logged into a secure database. TempDefend is our first point of contact, and that is a good 10-12 feet away from the first person on our staff a visitor would meet. That allows the temperature to be taken at a socially distanced point, which keeps our staff safe.”


Derek B. — Ivy Preparatory Academy

“22Miles enabled us to create a great user experience to navigate the Oral Roberts University campus through the Wayfinding app.”


Stephen S. – Oral Roberts University

Limitless, Scalable Solutions for Academic Engagement

Pull Content from Everywhere

Native Integrations to Your Most Valuable Platforms

Smart Routing

Flexible 3D Wayfinding for Intelligent, Accessible Routes

Instant Mobile Integration

Scan a QR code to control a sign or view its content

Rapid Design

Customizable Plug-and-Play Widgets

Simple to Manage

Centralized, Intuitive Content Management

Unparalleled Reach

Community-Wide Notification Capabilities

Creative Configuration Options

Impactful Multi-Screen Video Wall Solutions

Know Your Campus

Reporting and Analytics for Campus-Wide Insights

Help When You Need It

Support from Content Management Experts

Increase Safety & Security

Access Control and Public Safety Measures

Space Sharing Made Easy

Real-Time Room Reservation Scheduling

Deploy Your Way

Options for cloud and native deployment