Signage Carry2Mobile

22Miles was determined to empower the digital audience to experience content on a mobile phone with no App download necessary. In result, we created Carry2Mobile™ as a new capability that benefits both the display owners as it leads to higher usability and the end user as it is now much more seamless to consume content on the go. Carry2Mobile™ uses HTML5 technology to seamlessly transition the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device.

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Catch the Ad, on the Go

Signage with Carry2Mobile enables users to carry current screen content to their phone with QR or NFC and allows users to rewind or forward to a previous ad on the screen. Incorporate a call-to-action for added engagement. The content owner can easily track the ROI of their content.

No Additional Setup Required

It’s all handled by 22Miles Signage Carry2Mobile Platform. Content showing on screen is automatically sync’ed to mobile deployment without additional setup.

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More to Carry

22MILES Carry2Mobile Platform also includes Space/Room/Desk booking, 3D Wayfinding and other interactive experience. These packages can all be seamlessly integrated with kiosks and touchscreen applications.

Trackable ROI with usage analytics

Track user engagement for any button clicks, sessions, impressions, AD playback, daily transactions and more

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22MILES offers full customization on Carry2Mobile user experience and workflow. Please contact us for more information.