Awe-Inspiring Experiences

It starts with the goal of providing visitors with an inspiring and unforgettable experience. Where you go from there is limited only by your imagination. 22Miles is the award-winning CMS that can power your imagination and create an immersive experience that is nothing short of amazing.

Building Unbelievable Experiences

With almost two decades of expertise, we specialize in assisting organizations in establishing profound and impactful relationships with their visitors through state-of-the-art digital display solutions. Rather than viewing each project as a standalone installation, we cultivate enduring partnerships that continuously evolve over time as we collaboratively push the boundaries of innovation.

Mobile Experiences Like Nothing Else

Utilizing 22Miles’ advanced interactive mobile functionality, the digital experience seamlessly extends to any mobile device through a quick QR code scan. This empowers users with comprehensive control directly from their phones, enabling actions like content rewind and fast-forward. What’s displayed on the screen effortlessly synchronizes with the mobile deployment without requiring extra configuration.

World Class Technology

To create a truly immersive experience, we have partnered with some of the best hardware manufacturers around the world who can take display technology to new heights, such as Intel, Sony, NanoLumens, BrightSign, Bluefin, Samsung, Philips, LG, Planar, Seneca and more.

Zero Limit Platform

22Miles CMS is the perfect software to power visually captivating and immersive signage arrays, creating remarkable architectural displays that can be adapted to any configuration or orientation. Whether it’s showcasing content in 4K or 16K resolution or spanning 10,000 square feet or bigger, our CMS can handle it all and then some.

Video Case Studies

NTT Corporate Offices

The NTT corporate offices in New York City boast an impressive 3 x 3 video wall installation powered by the robust 22Miles CMS. The video wall features full touchscreen support, which enhances the environment’s experience with captivating interactivity.

Nationwide Corporate Offices

22Miles worked with Red Minnow to elevate the modern workplace experience at Nationwide’s corporate offices. The video wall supplies visitors with a platform to learn about Nationwide, its founders, rich history, charitable initiatives, and more.

Interactive Experiences

22Miles empowers organizations with interactive experiences for facilities of any size and type. Whether it’s an experience center, campus-wide 3D wayfinding, corporate room booking, or an eye-catching video wall, our platform can address all your digital signage needs from a single, unified back-end.