Govt & City Communications

Visual communication for any public sector environments

Inspire your staff, manage your facility, and keep the public and community aligned and on-mission with a suite of GSA certified, customizable visual communication tools.

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Facility & Smart City Wayfinding

Meet Your Virtual Tour Guide
Welcome employees and visitors to the new office, base, or municipality with interactive 3D wayfinding. Find facility locations or city points of interest, including workspaces, attractions, and local first responder offices. View space availability and resources and instantly reserve, shop, or connect. Carry turn-by-turn directions from sign to mobile with a simple QR code scan.

Visual & Critical Communication

Public Sector Engagement
Publicize events, communicate policies, ADs and highlight achievements throughout the public areas via screens, kiosks, video walls, and mobile – interconnected and distributed by 22Miles’s intuitive central interface on an agency-wide, departmental, or local level. Leverage proof-of-play and additional analytics dashboards for insights and best information redesign approaches.

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Mobile Application Experience

Utilize Your Phone for More
Essential information has never been easier to access. Carry2Mobile provides digital signage and communication information from a single QR Code scan. Mobile wayfinding and engagement applications can be leveraged through a dial pad, a QR Code, or an email link. Showcase city information, building preferred routes, and occupancy real-time information from the home, office, or on the go.

Facility and City Alert Management

Omni-Channel Reach for Crucial Notifications
An informed community is a safe community. 22Miles’s signage and mobile app solutions offer real-time notifications with both manual control and integrations with leading emergency alert software, including Everbridge, Alertus, Informacast, FEMA IPAWS, and more.

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Workforce Engagement

Inform and Unite Your Staff
Promote seamless operations with omnichannel communications. Rich content APIs with enterprise and emergency management systems make it easy to update everyone in real-time. Send critical communications via screens, kiosks, video walls, and mobile – distributed by location or facility-wide using 22Miles’ intuitive central interface. Guide staff members via a customized wayfinding app with appropriate routing, real-time employee calendar integration, and filtered content.
Case Studies

A single solution with massive digital impact

Washington D.C. Facility Upgrades

Government agencies experience an influx of daily meetings and a steady flow of visitors. This traffic creates a strong need for cost-effective solutions that efficiently provide accurate information and directions to events and meetings in the facility.

“22Miles is simply awesome! Every member of their staff has been helpful, courteous, and quick to respond. We love our digital signage system; it’s already saving us time over our older solutions.”


Brad – Washington County Career Center

Limitless, Scalable Solutions for Govt & City Management

Limitless, Scalable Solutions for Workplace Management

Manage any size deployment, from 50 to 50,000

Key Platform Integrations

Native integrations with Teams, 365, Exchange, or G-Suite for all applications

Personal Device Deployment

Deliver the experience on mobile via HTML, native app, or SDK plug-in

Multi-Screen Video Wall Solutions

Immersive branding with large-scale impact

No Design Expertise Required

Choose from thousands of templates, or get custom content consulting

Help When You Need It

Get support from content management experts

Find a Spot, Call Dibs

Instantly identify and book the room and resources you need

Real-Time Room Reservation Scheduling

No double-booking, ever

Know your Workforce

Access reporting and analytics for facility-wide insight

Access Control on Lock

Streamline guest check-in and offer secure, customized visitor wayfinding

True Alignment for Hybrid Teams

Reach employees on- and off-site with omni-channel comms

Deploy Your Way

Options for cloud and native deployment