22Miles AI Innovations

Having introduced the AI Assistant with Wayfinding at InfoComm, 22Miles has emerged as a trailblazer in the digital signage industry, showcasing profound AI integration, unveiling innovative products, and securing numerous awards. This recognition underscores our ongoing commitment to enhancing user experiences through advanced AI technology.

At the core of our innovation is the use of the OpenAI GPT model, enabling us to craft interactive AI experiences that stand out in the market. Our approach involves a rigorous training regime combined with real-time data integration, ensuring that our solutions provide contextually aware and relevant responses. This method proves significantly more effective than conventional exact match searches or basic AI chat interfaces. 

Our AI solutions encompass the creation of a proprietary 22Miles AI model. This model excels in locally parsing and interpreting complex and massive amounts of data, ensuring heightened security and simple licensing fee structure. This model combined with our unique training process can provide incredibly accurate and meaningful results for practically any use case. The on-premises approach ensures that no data ever leaves the local area network, especially critical for high security data environments.

AI Products

Intelligent and Enhanced Interactions

Our suite of products is designed to amplify the impact of AI technology throughout your business. There are three main products that define our innovative AI solutions.



AI Assistant

Maximize customer interaction and efficiency with the AI Assistant, a responsive chat interface that elevates the consumer experience. Tailor it to assist your audience in real-time, from navigating through locations with intuitive wayfinding, and venue details, to providing comprehensive in-store product information.



AI Backoffice

AI Backoffice can simplify complex data exploration, enabling organizations to navigate vast datasets easily and securely. Our platform is engineered to support your business’s need for intelligent and efficient information handling, ingesting FAQs, tech support responses, and comprehensive knowledge bases externalized to any audience or staff.



AI Command is a pivotal addition to the 22Miles Content Manager, transforming the way CMS owners interact with their digital content. As an integral part of the new AI Tool Suite, AI Command offers an intuitive owner-facing chat interface, simplifying the process of editing content and executing complex commands.

AI Assistant

Our AI Assistant delivers customized, intelligent user experience that adapts to specific industry requirements. In retail, it can guide customers through complex product selections, in transportation, it assists with navigation and scheduling, and within venues, it enhances the visitor experience by providing timely information, seat finds, promotional alerts, and services.

AI Assistant Main Features

Customizable Interaction

AI Assistant is trained and confined to support a wide array of tasks specific business needs, which can be rapidly deployed to digital signage, mobile apps, websites, and more.

Advanced AI Technology

Employs the sophisticated OpenAI GPT model for natural and intuitive user interactions. We’ve also introduced a proprietary 22Miles AI model for high volume and secure data handling.

Multilingual Support

Capable of understanding and interacting in numerous languages, natively. It can support, but not limited to, English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more.

Accurate Responses

Utilizes a proprietary training process with live data integration for accurate, context-aware answers.

AI Backoffice

AI Backoffice is not about data; it is about an intuitive, interactive experience that caters to the real-time needs of your business. With our AI-driven interface, you will find an ally capable of tackling advanced-level queries, providing insights, and helping you make data-driven decisions swiftly. It is not just a chatbot. It would provide clarifications, responses, and accuracy to your knowledge base in conversational form as though you are speaking to a live person at the level of your company’s head engineer, CTO, solution specialist, or top advocates.

AI Backoffice Key Features

Customized Employee Tool

An employee-centric tool, providing answers and support tailored to individual roles, identities, and access levels within a company.

Knowledge Center Integration

This tool seamlessly integrates with internal knowledge bases, turning them into interactive, AI-driven hubs for employee information retrieval.

Versatile Application

From responding to RFPs and security assessments to providing general company information, AI Backoffice ensures accuracy and depth in its responses.

AI Command

AI Command is designed to streamline operation with a focus on design and functional administration. Its integration into the Content Manager platform ensures you are working with tools at the forefront of AI technology. It will assist with any device and scheduling commands by simple-to-use conversational interactions in natural language. This will optimize player publishing to a few seconds, allowing editing to be as easy as chatting with colleagues.

AI Command Key Features

Conversational AI Interface

Streamline content editing tasks with an intuitive chat interface.

Integrated Player Commands

Execute player commands without navigating complex menus.

Seamless CMS Integrations

AI Command is fully integrated into Content Manager for a unified experience.

AI Expanding Across Verticals


Elevate the shopping experience by assisting customers in finding products, comparing features, and making informed decisions without the wait. Converse with AI Assistant as it understands customer inquiries, “digs in” for better clarity and interests, and provides clear and concise product information and enhanced interactive results.


Offer visitors, attendees, and event organizers an interactive guide with simple prompts or natural conversational interactions, improving accessibility to facilities and events, and ensuring memorable experiences. AI Assistant will integrate any event data, building and campus information, organization, or venue website content to provide concise and efficient responses in seconds as though you are speaking to a concierge or a help desk individual.


Provide travelers with real-time updates, FIDS, PIDs data, directions, and service information, minimizing confusion and enhancing efficiency. All ingested information is AI trained into the AI Assistant only to provide relevant, secure, and controlled in-house information within the transportation hub.

22Miles is dedicated to pushing boundaries of AI technology, providing solutions that redefine simplicity and usefulness in digital signage. Contact our team to learn more about the AI Initiative at 22Miles.