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We partner with leading hardware, software, and solution providers to offer fully
customized content for any technology ecosystem.

Private training tutorials, user
guides, and tech support.

Any Screen,
Any System

And cross-platform.


Drag-and-drop software
platform with native data

Right-Sized for
Every Project

Module-based player: spec
and quote only the features
your client needs.

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What our partners are saying:

“Our Healthcare clients are blown away by the software’s attractiveness and usability. I love the flexibility the Designer/CMS gives to build unique systems for each client’s needs.”


– Dave Stewart, Digital Wayfinding Consultant, Cooper Signage and Graphics

cooper signage, testimonial

“Thank you so much to you, Theresa and the rest of the gang in stepping in here and make things happen. Again my thanks, and I am proud to work with a team like yours.”


– Giannis Nicolaidis, Digital Communications Engineer, sensorytechnologies

diversified, testimonial

“The 22Miles CMS is the ultimate CMS for everyone. From very basic functionality to full API integrations, this CMS is built to be the most flexible CMS on the market. The 22Miles team is always there to support you in the event you need assistance.”


– Justin Alexander, Digital Signage Solutions Engineer, New Era Technology

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Our Partners

Solution Provider

Our Solution provider partners
Created tailored, fully integrated
experiences With 22Miles content
management solution.


Our distributors can complete
Visual communications
Projects of any size.


Our content management solution
Integrates seamlessly with
Leading hardware software

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